Chicken Avakaya Pickle (Premium Quality)

Date2/24/2021 10:34:11 AM
Forming an indelible part of Indian Cuisine, for all those who love food styling, nobody will feel like missing a spoon of a pickle during their mealtime and especially any Indian for the matter will want this spicy condiment to accompany all of their main course items be it parathas, rice bowls, curd rice, chapatis, rotis or bread and sometimes they even like to eat it simply as a snack up! An avatar of all pickles which is termed as one-of-its-kind is the Chicken Avakaya Pickle. For lovers of condiments and pickles, Avakai aachar is itself a special addition but when when that is mixed with chicken needless to say the surprise explosion in your mouths making them water and pick up your handkerchiefs there to wipe it.

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