Dry Fruits Ghee Putharekulu(Premium Quality Sweet)

Date2/24/2021 10:37:29 AM
“Pootha” means coating and “rekulu” means sheet, Sugar coated foils are made of a thin delectable wafer-like rice flour sheet by using an earthen pot on firewood, filled with powdered sugar and are generously greased with pure ghee. Rolling of Bellam/Sugar Pootharekulu Short is a delicate art. Yes, this is how this wonderful delicious dessert is made artistically with a lot of skills, love, and care by the rural household women but it is too tough to make at home. As you taste the slightest bite of this sweet ordered from Sitara Foods you are sure to be astonished by how this delicious sweet just melts in your mouth leaving a wonderful after taste that is sure to give you a great stress-free feeling. Order Sugar Pootharekulu Short online from Sitara Foods and we are there to deliver almost 106 different countries and all over India from Chennai to Delhi, Hyderabad to Mumbai, and Cochin to Calcutta.

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