Best Quality Guar Gum and Cassia Gums Products Exporter

Date2/24/2021 10:52:00 AM
Avlast Hydrocolloids are the leading manufacturers of different Guar gum products. Used extensively in various industries, their products have the right count of mold, yeast, coli form, plate counts and all other microbiological parameters. These seeds are used to make the best Guar gum powder which is a colorless, odor less free flowing powder which is soluble in cold water. Their products are used in different industries including food, medicine, paper, textile and many others. With such huge demand of their good, they have become the leading Guar gum powder manufacturer in India.

Avlast Hydrocolloids is also the leading Cassia gum powder manufacturer as well. Widely used in the European countries, Cassia gum is used in different industries and for different purposes from frozen foods to personal care products. Once again, the seeds of it are cleaned, de-husked and used to produce Cassia gum powder. Used as a gelling and bonding agent, stabilizer or emulsifier, it has extensive use in food industries. It has an off white appearance with no odor. It is also free flowing and highly soluble in water. This powder can be stored safely for two years if kept in a dry and fresh place, away from direct light.

Quality Control Measures

With the help of a professional and highly qualified R&D team, they develop their formulations as well as solutions with new ingredients. Avlast own all the documents for good manufacturing process, ISO Standards, sanitary standard operation procedures which ensures that all their product are absolutely safe to consume. All the parameters like odor, granulation, viscosity, ash content, filterability, protein and fat, acid residue, heavy metals are checked in their own highly sophisticated laboratory. All the equipment is of international quality standard including the viscometers and texture analyzers.
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