Black History Month Marketing Campaigns

Date2/24/2021 10:12:31 PM
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Black History Month Marketing Campaigns

Brands are getting ready to kick start 2021 with a bang and to reach their business goals for the year. As we work towards growing our business and start attracting more diverse and niche consumers, in this case, we have to facilitate the fact that advance planning is the key.

Marketing and advertising are not only about promoting products. It can go beyond getting the audience to perform a particular action or make a purchase that is best for your brand.

While few advertisements can claim to not promote consumerism, we have an exception in the form of campaigns that promote or celebrate a social movement. Black History Month is one such time where everyone is reminded of the sacrifices made by Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and countless men and women who worked throughout the history of the United States to bring social change.

Every year Black History Month rolls around, brands try to charm diverse audiences by working to appear inclusive and supportive of the African American community. But the real question to remember her is, authentic or authentically inauthentic?

Black History Month marketing means time to plan and execute an authentic campaign that positively highlights Afro-Americans and the multiple identities, backgrounds, and lifestyles they represent.

Here are a few tips to inculcate Black History Month into your marketing campaign and make it more impactful:

Build Deep Relationships with your Audience

No doubt, trying to be more inclusive and showing diversity is a great idea. But if your company finds yourself only prioritizing Afro-American representation in your marketing and advertisements one month per year, that’s not OK. If you are really planning to celebrate Black culture and your African American customers, look at developing genuine and deep relationships with these audiences then do it throughout the year.

Know About the History

It is important to know about the audience you are targeting and also about the event you are planning to celebrate. So, spare some time and learn about Black History, before strategizing the campaign. Where can you start? Build authentic connections to people within various communities and have conversations. You will tend to find a lot of history and perspectives you won’t find in a book. Visit your local library or look online for articles, blogs, and other resources.

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