Instant Junnu/Kharvas Powder

Date2/25/2021 8:48:00 AM
SITARA FOODS brings to you the same old tasty and super healthy Junnu Paalu in a powder form, so that Indian at any corner of the world can taste the nostalgic dish they tasted back home. An age-old, traditional, rural dessert making powder that is brimmed with nutrients and proteins is Junnu Powder! It is a sangam-era ingredient that boosts your immune system. The farmers normally give the excess of first milk of cow after feeing the calf, that is, the pre-milk substance or the milky fluid to the temple and then distribute the remaining among their friends and family members. As fresh as those which you have tasted in your childhood is Sitara’s Junnu Powder which is made from the colostrum milk after cow gives birth to a calf.
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