Ghee and Dry Fruit Chocolate / Milk Chocolate

Date2/26/2021 10:30:14 AM
Ghee Dry Fruit Milk Chocolates for Kids which is a Healthy Snack that not only taste delicious but at the same time healthy too. Sitara Foods Ghee and Dry Fruits Chocolate/Milk Dry Fruit Chocolate is made with pure ghee along with milk and dry fruits. Sitara Foods Ghee and Dry Fruits Chocolate is a healthy and tasty chocolate for kids which is filled with many nutritious factors, and is rich in quality. The addition of ghee in the culinary item enhances the shelf life too! Ghee along with Milk boosts the digestive system, is a great source of energy for kids, improves immunity, it is packed with saturated fatty acids, which provide energy and stamina, it also helps in kids' brain development and adding dry fruits to this will enhance your taste buds with its crunchiness and taste.
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