iPhone Screen Repair & Replacement Service in Seattle - Tech

Date3/1/2021 6:41:57 PM
iPhone screen repair in Seattle, WA. You own an iPhone and suddenly the screen gets broken. Then all you need to do is bring it to Techs Repair. Techs Repair is the most trusted and fast iPhone screen repair service provider in Seattle, WA. We can fix your iPhone screen and also provide a replacement service in Washington. We have a team of certified technicians with over 12 years of technical experience & over 5,000 repairs. We fix all types of iPhones.
Our experienced team of technicians can also help with more complex issues such as faulty LCD / LED display problems that are impacting your daily use of your Apple iPhone. Your iPhone is in safe hands with us. For iPhones with cracked screens, we replace the cracked screen. We also install Screen Protector / Tempered Glass and have a large selection of screen protectors for all types of iPhone models and all our screen repairs come with a 30-day guarantee.
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