Essentiale phospholipids in ampoules

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Date3/1/2021 6:59:18 PM
PriceUSD 35.00
+44 7575 765332+44 7575 765332
We offer worldwide delivery of Essentiale phospholipids in ampoules 250mg/ml.
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Due to its pharmacological properties, Essentiale medicine eliminates these disorders, promotes the regeneration of cell membranes, reacts with broken membrane-bound enzyme systems and receptors, increases the detoxification capacity of the liver and thus normalizes its function.
Essentiale N purchase is good for use of following:
Fatty degeneration of the liver (also with diabetes);
Acute and chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, necrosis of liver cells, hepatic coma and precoma, toxic liver damage, including toxicosis of pregnancy;
Pre- and postoperative treatment, especially for operations in the hepatobiliary zone;
Psoriasis, neurodermatitis;
Radiation syndrome.
The drug can be bought in various countries. Any state in the USA.
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