Pelala Pindi

Date3/4/2021 6:34:02 PM
Pelala pindi that is sold online by SITARA FOODS is a very special mild sweet item prepared on Toli Ekadasi and Sayana Ekadasi Lord Vishnu goes to yoganidra on Adi Seshu. It also called Sesha Sayana Eakadasi. Devoties fasting on that day . Pelala pindi can be prepared for nivedana.

On this Festival day, one can remember from their child hood days, as usually going to Lord Venkateswara Swamy temple which will be full of rush with the devotees and Special poojas. From this Festival only all the Other festival begins like Sravanamasam Varalakshmi Vratam,Vinayaka chavithi, Dasara, Diwali. Only on this festival day only this special Popcorn Powder / Pelala pindi is prepared and offered to the Lord.Then taken as a Prasadam. its a very simple dish and at the very same time super tasty. Ingredients: Roasted and grounded Popcorn, Cardamom, powdered Jaggery. You can now enjoy & cheric the nostalgic childhood moments by buying handmade pelala pindi online. Try it now.
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