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At Omniverse Financial assists educators in determining when they can retire and how to plan for it. As if you're wondering when you'll be able to retire and how much your pension will be. Examine the procedure and put your retirement strategies into action.

The Retirement Benefits for Massachusetts Teachers are as follows:
* Mass Teachers’ Retirement System (MTRS)
- Membership, Survivor Benefits, Contributions, and Vesting
- Payment Plans | Service Retirement | COLA | Early Retirement

* Retirement Plus & Vesting
- Retirement Plus Participants 11% | 10 Years of Services Vested
- Keep your membership for life or lose it if your contributions are withdrawn.

* Defined Benefit and Salary Average
- Factors: Salary, Creditable Service & Age | Max 80%
- Before 4-2-12 = highest 3 consecutive yrs average annual salary
- Post 4-2-12 = highest 5 consecutive years average annual salary

* Service Retirement Qualification
- How old you can retire and how much money you'll get as a pension
- Prior 4-2-12 any 20 Years of Service | or Age 55 w/10 years Service
- After 4-2-12 must be age 60 with at least 10 years of service
- Prior to 1-1-78, not Retirement Plus, contact MTRS.

Do you want to learn more about your benefits? Please contact us to discuss the specifics or you want to apply. Omniverse Financial is a full-service financial services and insurance firm that specializes in the benefits of teachers and public employees.
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