Social Security Insurance At Omniverse Financial

Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance are all referred to as "Social Security" (OASDI). Retirement income, disability income, death and survivorship benefits, Medicare, and Medicaid are some of the benefits it provides. At Omniverse Financial.helps educators understand their Social Security benefits based on the WEP Provision.
Our Social Security Benefits are as follows:
1.) Benefits Programs
* Learn about the various programs offered by Social Security.
* Retirement / Disability / Survivor / Medicare
* Everyone's benefits are different, so have yours calculated to be sure.
2.) Qualifying Credits
* Need 40 Credits to Qualify for Retirement Benefits
* Credit Based on Annual Wages Reported
* Maximum of 4 Credits per Year
3.) Survivorship Benefits
* Eligibility is determined by the amount of credit earned and the worker's age.
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