Irani Chai Tea Powder

Date3/11/2021 7:29:47 AM
We introduced this new Irani tea product, Irani Chai Powder online after several requests from our customers. Irani Chai is one of the specialties of Hyderabad. Irani Tea Powder sold online at SITARA is born in Iran, Loved in Charminar and now willing to settle in you kitchen shelves. This special mix of Dum Hyderandi Chai mix is a friend on a not so moody mornings and in winter days. Irani Chai Powder that we sell online, was first introduced by Persians of Iran origin and soon evolved in the city of Hyderabad as Hyderabadi famous tea. If you look it its place of survival surroundings of Charminar is one and which has great tasting Irani chai cafes with uniqueness in its taste. Irani Chai is the traditional spiced tea severed in age old Irani cafes in India and now ready to be served to you by SITARA FOODS.
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