Slurry Eductor by Crystal Tcs

Date3/16/2021 6:55:18 PM
Crystal TCS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of special slurry eductors. Our hijackers are perfect for the needs of your solid hijackers. We understand our responsibility to deliver the assured quality and we are adhering to the quality assurance guidelines while discharging our duties. Our experience of eductor technology enables us to fix even the most sticky slurry applications.
The flow-friendly and non-closing nature of the inductor design makes our hijackers the perfect match for your sludge and hail handling needs. Our content selection plays an important role in surviving a long life in perishable conditions and promises to constantly strive for technical excellence and places great emphasis on providing quality products and slurry eductors services.
We manufacture and supply specialized eductor solutions for sludge and slurry handling, and our experience in eductor technology enables us to fix even sticky slurry applications. For the concentration of aggressive hail found at Crystal TCS Pvt Ltd especially in sand hail pumping applications. Ltd. Manufactures and suppliers slurry eductors with ceramic internals.
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