Hair transplantation Treatments in Coimbatore

Date3/22/2021 5:01:12 PM
Hair loss treatment involves the moving of healthy hair follicles (those unaffected by DHT) from the back of your head to areas of thinned or complete scalp hair loss. There are 2 methods of harvesting hair.The donor area is numbed by using local anaesthetic solution. The hairs in donor area are trimmed to easily visualize the area for harvesting individual hair follicular units. Using a specialized instrument hair follicles are directly harvested one by one with small punches ranging in diameter from 0.75 to 1 mm. The advantage of this technique is that no suture is necessary to close the donor area and hence no linear scar that is present after a strip technique. Approximately around 1000 to 1200 follicles can be harvested in each session depending on the donor density. Postoperative pain is very minimal. The implantation process is the same as explained for the strip technique.
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