They Said This Wouldn't Work...

Here is kind of a story about, well...getting even. Nah, that's not it.  Discovering that I can be right about a good idea.  Yeah.  That's better. 
Please indulge me. 
So many high-profile successful marketers told me. “Your lead generation secret will absolutely not work!”
But I clicked this link anyway, despite their negative prediction....and I'm glad I did!
It not only works, but it proves that those so-called professionals cannot read minds.
That's right – they cannot read minds!
I was told that there was no way that you, yes you...who are reading this, would
agree to receive 100 to 200 leads a day for as long as you remain a subscriber,
for the rest of your life. They said “Those kinds of leads don't work. They only
work for people who have big lists already!”
They had the nerve to claim that I don't work and that you don't work!
Then why are people just like you joining left and right?
Why are people clicking this same link
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