ExecSecure® Security Overview in Abuja

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There is considerable instability in many regions within Abuja and an increased risk of terrorist attacks. Most attacks occur in the Northeast, but attacks could happen anywhere. Major urban centers remain at risk. Attacks have taken place around religious and public holidays in public or crowded places, including places of worship. There is a high threat of kidnap throughout Abuja. Recent terrorist kidnaps have occurred mostly in northern Abuja but could happen anywhere in the region. Kidnaps can be for financial or political gain and can be motivated by criminality or terrorism. Violent crime is common. Road travel across Abuja can be unpredictable and dangerous. Authorized and unauthorized vehicle checkpoints are situated on major roads and throughout the region. Humanitarian workers have been targeted in recent years by criminals operating the checkpoints. If you are unfamiliar with the environment, it is unlikely you will recognize which is a legitimate security control and which is for crime.
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