How to work with an Olympus Series Publishers?

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Date3/29/2021 6:27:44 PM
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Reason to choose Olympus Series CD DVD Blu-ray Publishing Systems

Allows seamless integration over any network

This advanced publisher is critically designed to easily integrate with any network. Be it a small office or large firm with thousand plus employees.

Its network load balancing ensures a well-balanced utilization of the production system even when you use multiple Olympus publishers over the network.

Thanks to the software development kit and pre-installed software for seamless integration into any workflows and applications.

Web-based client application

Web clients can start production jobs with the help of a browser. This way, the jobs can be sent to the server of the Olympus CD DVD Publishers – via the Internet – and the production status can also be controlled.

The web client does not need to be installed and is operating system independent.

Unlimited job queuing/ job opportunity option

Each employee with access to the system can submit unlimited job queuing.

Olympus Blu-Ray CD DVD publishers offer the submission unlimited job queuing/ job opportunity simultaneously from the comfort of their own PC.

Jobs will be then produced in the order they were submitted to each of the DVD Publishers or CD Publishers.

Also, now you can track job processes and receive important notifications from iPhone/ iPod touch support.

Some other best reasons to choose Olympus

- Parallel operation of multiple Olympus Publisher, include Load balancing.
- Simultaneous recording of different CD DVD Blu-ray images.
- Script-based control method for integrating third-party products.
- Built-in label design software to create full-color text and graphic labels.

Over to you:

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Go through with the above benefits to make your Publishing experience seamless.

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