VenaSeal glue vein treatment

Date3/29/2021 6:14:44 PM
Looking for a varicose vein treatment that won’t require the use of post-operation gradient compression stockings? This novel vein treatment procedure is exactly what you need! Seal varicose veins using a substance specially designed by the Board-Certified physician Steven Lidwell, called VenaSeal.
This relatively painless procedure requires no insurance company authorization – meaning you can get to it as soon as possible. Without gradient compression stockings, there is no need for significant downtime after the operation.
This nonthermal varicose vein surgery allows for a more comfortable experience, compared to the thermal alternatives. It is an outpatient procedure, with less pain, bruising, and a faster recovery time for the patient.
VenaSeal provides you with immediate vein closure, with consistent results across various cases. With over 90% approval ratings from patients, who would gladly come back to this procedure after 5 years, the results speak for themselves.
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