Vein treatment by a Board-Certified Specialist

Date3/29/2021 6:04:52 PM
Finding the right medical professional to go to with a sensitive issue can be a challenge. If you’re worried about spider veins or are wondering how to get rid of varicose veins, you need to find an expert you can trust. That is why a board-certified specialist is necessary for making sure you get the best treatment you can.
MedicusVeinCare was created with exactly that goal in mind. We ensure our treatments are minimally invasive and that you get specialized ultrasound-aided diagnostics every step of the way, to choose the right procedure for you. We have all the necessary skills, equipment, and expertise to recommend the best treatment that will see your veins fully healed in no time.
Founded by famous vascular specialist Steven Tidwell, M.D., in 2005 — we have always sought to offer a unique approach based on interventional radiology. The ability to accurately diagnose the problem means that minimally invasive, relatively painless, and time-efficient solutions can be found to any vein-related problem.
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