In Case You Need the Best STEM Enrichment Classes for kids

Date3/29/2021 5:28:46 AM
IntelliBricks has been operating in the U.S. since 2013, teaching in over 50 schools and creating several summer instruction programs, with the City Governments for young children between the ages 7 and 14. At IntelliBricks, we teach everything from Digital Drawing, Coding, Animation, Game Development, web development with our signature project-based curriculum, kindling the child’s divergent thinking and creative skills. Our I-B approach is a combination of academic rigor and excellence with dynamic work that will keep your children engaged and excited to dive into our class projects. We at IntelliBricks work hard to ensure that each project is just as fun as it is instructional and challenging, incorporating techniques, background knowledge, and the skills that are key to the subject matter in each and every one of our classes. Our passionate and qualified team behind the scenes are very excited to bring our take on STEM education to the children and young adults in India. An IntelliBricks class is a class like no other, and our new team can’t wait to get started!
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