Baby Sleep Miracle

Today’s mothers face a world of conflicting information when it comes to understanding their babies’ sleep patterns, and most of it comes from questionable or unreliable sources. This new book is designed to finally shed scientific light on this sensitive subject.

The author, Mary-Ann Schuler, has divided the book into 4 chapters and 18 sub-chapters that focus from start to finish on how to properly put any baby to sleep.

Featuring scientifically-backed insights from a certified child psychologist, the book is an invaluable source of practical, hands-on advice and is jam-packed with easy-to-implement tips, tricks and suggestions not only for baby sleep issues, but for other, related behavioral problems.

The best part of this program is the “Good Sleep At Every Age”, in which the author describes in minute detail every developmental phase of a child from birth up to five years of age, providing custom indications on how to adjust the sleeping strategy to any child’s personality.
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