Choosing the Right Lower Eyelid Surgery in Philadelphia, PA

Date4/3/2021 5:55:03 AM
(215) 885-6830(215) 885-6830
Lower Eyelid Surgery is used to lift the drooping eyelids and bags under your eyes.

If you are looking to get the wrinkles and lines around your eyes corrected in Philadelphia, PA, contact Dr. Chandler at (215) 885-6830 for a free consultation.

It gives the face a refreshing look by reshaping the lower eyelid.

Dr. Chandler will remove or reposition the eye tissue and also reinforce the muscles around the eyes. Eyelid surgery has some benefits as discussed below:

1 This surgery can improve the patient's vision
2 It is done by creating an external along the natural lines of the eyelid
3 It allows the removal of lower eyelid fat causing bags under the eyes without leaving a visible scar.

The overall surgical procedure is not more than three to four hours long.
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