Duralox 92W - 92% Purity High Alumina Ceramic

Date4/21/2021 3:46:31 AM
Duralox is a registred brand name of Jyoti's specially developed Proprietary composite. Duralox 92W spherical micro beads are produced from a proprietary formulation: A high alumina ceramic composite containing 92% alpha alumina crystals having a low percentage of silica in its body composition. Duralox 92W beads are tough & sapphire hard, measuring 9 on Moh’s scale, dense in structure, abrasive in nature and resistant to abrasion wear, they can withstand high temperature and are chemically inert, non-porous, gas tight, non-toxic, non-magnetic, non-radioactive, and free of voids
Duralox 92W micro beads have proven to be ideal for shot peening, de-burring and polishing of sheet metal blanks, cast moulded ferrous/non-ferrous components, precious metal ornaments etc.
Due to their abrasive nature, Duralox 92W micro beads are generally not recommended for any bead milling dispersion applications.
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