Candle Of The Month

Date4/4/2021 10:16:16 AM
The Candle of the Month Club is a gift they'll enjoy time and time again! Each month we'll deliver our 21 oz. signature large scented jar candle. They are highly fragranced from top to bottom so that the last burn is as fragrant as the first. They are also made with 2 lead free wicks and eco safe dyes. Experience the soft scents of fruit and flowers, sentimental aromas of herbs and spices, and the clean fresh fragrances of nature and so much more.

Visit website, then:

[To order: Click on “Shop”, click on “Gift Baskets”, then click on “NEW LBB MONTHLY CLUB MEMBERSHIPS - Candles, Cookies, Jewelry and Roses”]

For Information: Click on “Shop”, then select “Candle of the Month”

Candle of the Month Membership: ONLY $19.99 a month plus $7.99 shipping
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