Flare Gas Recovery System

Date4/21/2021 4:34:23 AM
Crystal TCS Pvt. Ltd. offers gas recovery systems that are customized to meet customer needs and the system is shaped based on the expected flare gas composition and flow rate. Most of the components of the system are skid mounted for ease of installation. The principles developed and the algorithms purchased have been verified for accurate performance tests in our injector testing facility.
Flare gas recovery systems are special compression bundles, which means recovering and reproducing gases and emissions, such as methane / LPG and sulfur dioxide that would normally be burned a whole in a flammable manner. The key to the safe operation of refineries and petrochemical facilities, this method involves capturing gas from a flare knock-out container and applying pressure using a liquid ring compressor. The modified gas can be reused as refinery feedstock or in the facility's fuel facility for regeneration.
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