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The LottaWin gaming activity offers a far more exciting, player-friendly and player-profitable didtribution system than ever before. Unlike the $300 billion dollar, per year global lottery sector, where 99.9% of players lose 100% of their money every draw, LottaWin has a unique prize re-distribution system that targets a 100% payout of the global pool to the winning players, every draw.

In a nutshell LottaWin features revolutionary rules that makes winning easy!

100% of the global prize pool is targeted to be paid out to the winning players, every draw.
If you match even one number, you win.
Our unique prize re-distribution means more winners and bigger prizes, every draw.
LottaWin members can earn substantial income marketing the LottaWin program to others. LottaWin members can earn substantial instant and residual income sharing the LottaWin program.
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