What are you waiting for? Make your wedding sparkly!

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Date4/17/2021 7:01:43 AM
Accessorizing things makes everything look so pretty. Think about your sweet little favor gift decorated with pet portrait favor tags that has your pet's illustration. Won't the guests be left mesmerized? Well, yes, they'd be. These hand-illustrated tags from The Emerald Hound leave lasting impressions. Made with attention to detail, vibrance and love, these tags sparkle as one of their kind.
If you visit the online store, you'll find a collection of wedding and event products that can be personalized with a pet's image. Adding customized text to them makes them more special. Some of the best-selling products for weddings include personalized dog gift tags, custom pet bandana, pet portrait cocktail napkins and so on. Ordering these wedding accessories is easy. All you have to do is, select the product, choose the primary color (p.s. Keep it complementing with your wedding decor theme).
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