It's Time To Release Your Trapped Body Fat Scientifically Proven To Release Trapped Fat

Are you struggling to lose weight, even on a diet? The truth is, getting your body to let go of extra pounds can take more than just 'diet and exercise'...

That's because your 'visceral adipose tissue', the fancy name for the deep fat around your waistline, is considered your body's emergency energy reserves. Because of this, it's the last place your body will go when it is looking to burn up calories.

Without getting to science-y on you, your body fat is trapped by a kind of biological 'one-way valve' known as Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL). If your HSL isn't activated, it simply won't release your stored fat to be burned off as fuel, even if you are eating right and exercising.

But when your HSL is activated, the floodgates are opened and your trapped fat is released back into your bloodstream, ready to be burned up as a clean energy source.

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