Why should one take up Artificial Intelligence

Date4/22/2021 2:51:26 PM
The technology gurus predict that over 2.3 million jobs will be created in 2020. Every 9 out of 10 Americans use AI in conducting their day to day activities.

This rapidly evolving technology opens doors to a multitude of job opportunities such as

AI Engineer
Data Mining Analyst
Data Scientist
Business Intelligence Developer
Machine Learning engineer
Research Scientist
Unfortunately, the exponentially growing demand for AI is not being met due to a lack of skilled professionals in the market. According to a popular job portal, AI jobs have seen an upward trend of over 119%.

Now, when we are talking about the AI jobs, we are not discussing some low-paying professions but with an annual median pay package of AI specialists ranging from $95k - $120k.

Tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, NVIDIA, Adobe, Lenovo, e-commerce companies like Amazon, a commercial financial service provider like Wells Fargo, startups like Argo AI are hiring AI professionals left, right, and center.
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