Madimack’s Pool Pump Sizing Calculator

Finding the right-sized pool heat pump is key to ensuring optimum comfort and warmth in your home. Every swimming pool is different and everyone’s requirements vary, it surely seems like a daunting task. But not anymore, with our instant pool heat pump size calculator you can find the right pool heat pump for your home within a few minutes.
Madimack’s pool pump sizing calculator provides comprehensive information so that you can make the right decision for your home and pool. Our swimming pool heater size calculator helps you determine the run-time, running & maintenance costs, energy savings, space requirements, and more.
It’s simple and quick to use. Just select your closest location and the pool volume in litres. Combining these two factors, the pool pump sizing calculator will recommend you the most popular and adequate units needed to successfully heat your pool.
Also, fill in other contact details so we can send an email to you with all the specifics. Try it now.
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