Welded Wire Mesh

Date4/16/2021 2:47:17 PM
Advantage of using Cut & Bend Rebars:
TMT Footing should have a minimum depth of 150mm for footing on soil, and minimum 300mm above the top of piles for footing on piles. Minimum clear cover for footings is generally 50mm.

The importance of footing:

Footings are the only and only mode of transfer of building load to underneath soil.
Footings, once laid, are a part of substructure and can’t be repaired or changed in an entire lifespan of the building.
PANTHER Footing:

To minimize the fabrication mistakes at a site, as well as to speed up the construction, and more importantly, to relieve you from unnecessary hassles, JINDAL PANTHER introduces “PANTHER Footing” - prefabricated rebar kit. These ready to fix kits are available at JINDAL PANTHER dealer counters in select cities in 10 mm and 12 mm diameter. The availability of various sizes is at our retail network.
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