How To Beat Menopause Weight Gain

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Date4/18/2021 4:59:47 AM
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Why is it that some women just breeze through menopause, while others suffer the many life debilitating symptoms?

You might be surprised to hear this but it doesn’t actually come down to luck or genetics – by making a few simple modifications to your diet, you can completely change your experience of menopause and transition through this life phase healthier than ever!
I have been researching the effect food can have on our bodies for over 20 years.

As a young women I suffered many health issues including major hormonal imbalances, weight struggles, and a chronic inflammatory spine disease which lead to years of pain and sleepless nights and this combined with a stressful life, lead me into deep depression.
Fast forward to today I’m hugely grateful for this journey because it lead me to devote my life to researching health for the last 27 years that’s all I’ve done!

I recall the day when I turned middle aged and it seemed everything I knew up until then was all of a sudden completely irrelevant!

Overnight my body began to change even though my lifestyle and diet had not. I was determined I wasn’t going to go through my perimenopause and menopausal years suffering the way many of my friends, patients and family members had.

So over the past 5 years I’ve worked tirelessly to discover how I can breeze through menopause and work with my body so it doesn’t work against me.
The is a simple switch in our bodies that not many people know about. But when you understand how to turn it on and use it, you will see a dramatic drop in your weight and huge increase in mental clarity and energy levels.
I’d love to share these secret discoveries with you in so I’ve spent the last week putting together a free online masterclass where I explain everything you need to know to breeze through menopause and reclaim your life.
On this masterclass you’ll discover:

* A Simple Switch in Your Diet That Instantly Burns Your Stored FAT as Energy

* WHY Exercise may not only be bad for you physically, it could be jeopardising your
weight loss.

* The Truth About Dieting and WHY Calories IN and Calories OUT is a Myth

* Why stress is the single biggest culprit for weight gain and how to manage stress and cortisol levels the correct way

I’d love you to join me.
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