Swastik School - Top CBSE Kindergarten, Play School, Nursery

Date4/18/2021 5:15:01 AM
The legacy of Swastik School dates back to the year 1959. Swastik School is now affiliated to CBSE in bringing the best out of every child that is a part of the institutionvensuring an all round development through holistic approach. Swastik School understands the relationship between curiosity, inquiry and human change. We certainly make sure that every single student feels welcomed and understood in our institution on equal terms. Our commitment is to invoke and teach thoughts, in a child centric environment. Our tech-savvy school with a team of trained and experienced teachers, scientifically designed methodology, cultural practice make students creative, empowered and connected so that they can empathize, love, inspire, design, restore and understand almost anything as a matter of habit leading to a flexible adaptation to changes and innovations of the present time. Swastik School believes and provides joy, curiosity, hope, knowledge and constant change to its students through a bl
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