Get Commercial Replacement Services

Get Commercial Replacement Services

Ignoring roof damage could be harmful to both your employees and your business, so if you’re noticing signs of sagging or water stains, don't wait. Contact our roofing experts, so we can schedule an inspection and work to find the best commercial roof replacement option to get your roof back in tiptop shape.

About Mint Roofing

Mint Roofing is a Minnesota based roofing company. The company has evolved from a family business to a dedicated team of roofers that values timely completion at competitive rates. Mint Roofing provides high quality, latest solutions for commercial roofing constructions and repairs in the Upper Midwest region. It's an EOS®-driven company since 2012 and focuses on integrity, flexibility, quality & collaboration as their core values. From preventative maintenance and repairs to manufacturing roof, Mint has an answer for all. Whether you're a general contractor, property manager, or building owner, if you're on lookout for commercial roofing professionals, they've got you. Call them today or pop by their office for a consultation. For more details please visit our website -
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