MedicusVeinCare’s vein clinic - vascular specialists

Date4/21/2021 3:47:25 AM
Caring for your veins becomes increasingly important for keeping a healthy, mobile, and discomfort-free life. Among common causes of varicose veins are smoking, age, increased body weight, and even pregnancy. Not only are they not flattering to your complexion, but they may cause significant health issues such as swelling, aches, cramping, and more! Avoid the worst of it, by acting ahead of time.
With MedicusVeinCare’s vein clinic on your side, you will be able to quickly, effectively, and painlessly get to the root of your problems. We strive to give each patient a high quality of life, through proper examination and treatment by some of the world’s best vascular specialists.
Founded by a board-certified specialist in interventional radiology, Steven Tidwell, M.D., each of our procedures uses modern radiology to accurately assess each patient’s needs. As a result, our approaches are guaranteed to offer you the least invasive experience, with an elevated level of comfort.
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