Are you tired of the spider veins on your face?

Date4/19/2021 2:19:08 PM
VeinWave™ – the treatment you’ve been waiting for! Are you tired of the spider veins on your face? Want to get rid of the spider veins on your ankles, but no affordable, efficient and painless method seems to be out there? Introducing VeinWave™ – an innovative, FDA-approved procedure using microwave energy. Approach the problem from a new angle!
Using an ultra-thin insulated needle inserted only into the top layer of your skin can help you finally get rid of spider veins! With no risk of bruising or damage to the surrounding tissue, you can rest easy knowing that the almost-painless procedure is safe. The small discomfort experienced is worth the immediate results!
You’re able to continue business as usual, right after the procedure – so long as you keep your face out of the sun. Modern technology exists, right now, to simplify your life and enhance it – why not take advantage of it? Contact MedicusVeinCare – the vein clinic you can trust for a free consultation. Simply call 561-624-0123 to get started today on your road to complete recovery in just a couple of sessions!

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