Everything You Need To Know About Wound Vac

What Is a Wound Vac (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy)?

Vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) of a wound is a type of therapy to help the wound heal by decreasing air pressure around a wound. Also known as Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, a healthcare professional/Wound Care Specialist applies a special dressing (bandage) is sealed over the open wound and a vacuum pump is attached that creates negative pressure around the wound and pulls the edges of the wound together to help the wound heal in several ways. In simple words, the wound vacuum device removes air pressure over the area of the wound and keeps it lower than the pressure in the atmosphere. This helps reduce swelling and clean the wound by removing bacteria.

VAC therapy is equally or more effective than conventional wound closing techniques as it helps in many ways like stimulating the growth of new tissue and preventing infections. In this blog, we are explaining how VAC therapy helps in effective wound healing and its benefits.
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