Experts Call It "The Holy Grail Of Self Sufficiency"

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Date4/22/2021 7:53:26 PM
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I have been in many countries in my life-some for a short visit, some for 3-6 years. One thing I have noticed in other countries is that most of the people, city and country, have gardens. Vegetable gardens. An many of those homes have animals that were either milk or meat.

I do not see that too often in America. We depend too much on stores for our food. This is not too wise. Now, do not get me wrong. My wife and I still have our favorite stores-we cannot grow everything. But when lived in a house, we had a small 4x15 foot garden that could produce so much we had to dehydrate a lot. And I am a city guy!

Plus, once you taste the difference between fresh from your own garden and off the store shelf, you will know the difference. And, according to US Department of Agriculture, the nutrition content of commercially produced (store bought) vegetables is 20-40 percent lower than it was 50 years ago. So, a home garden is a no brainer.

Now, is it hard work? Not really. And there are ways to make it easier which is what this is all about. Let me introduce you to someone who made gardening easy.

It's right here...with a crazy "home made" automated micro farm in his backyard.

Guess what? Most of the time he was in holiday and still got these results.

Agriculture experts are ashamed that they never thought of this before...

What's funny about this invention is that it runs almost on autopilot... following the nature principles... one element feeding another... and in the end they all feed the guy.

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