This is SPAM--The good Kind

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Date4/22/2021 10:39:53 PM
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How many of you remember eating Spam? Fondly. I am not old enough for the Great Depression but I remember eating it as a kid (50's and 60's). I am old enough to remember Spam in C rations-I actually looked for it. MUCH better than beef stew. And I still fry a slice or two with my eggs. I bet there are a few others who feel as I do about Spam. The point I am getting at is this-sure, you can buy it in the store but look at what is in it. Folks used to make it themselves--and we still can. It is easy.
Why should we? Here's why. Now a days there are people called "survivalists". We do as much as we can for ourselves to be independent. We are confident we can handle what life throws at us. But there is a secret to this. We are not doing ANYTHING our fairly recent ancestors (like my grandfather) did on a daily basis. The recipe is in a video that introduces a book called "The Lost Ways" that can show those who want to how to be more self sufficient. It feels good.
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