Clinic Management System Software

ClinicNEXT is a Clinic Management System Software providing EMR and EHR capabilities for doctors and patients. Everything you need, all-in-one application for automating Clinic activities. Create and manage patient records and automate all functionalities needed to run a clinic. Become a paperless Clinic. This integrated health care platform helps manage doctor appointments, medical records, and pharmacy billing. ... Juvonno is a cloud-based EMR software that provides clinic management capabilities for multi-location clinics. An integrated solution for seamless management of all aspects of a Clinic. Go paperless and transform the way of managing a clinic with high scalability & speed
Our Features:

1.Patient Registration
2.Appointment & Scheduling
3.Multi-Clinic Management
4.Medical Records Management
5.Lab Management
7.Billing & Invoicing
8.HR & Payroll
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