ExecSecure® Security Overview in Egypt

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Terrorism remains a significant concern in Egypt. Terrorist groups including ISIS and Al’Qaeda are primarily active in the north of the country, but it is likely they have the capability to operate in all states. Terrorist groups have previously focused their targeting efforts on security forces and relevant government buildings, however, attacks against foreign travelers can’t be ruled out. Areas that remain vulnerable include tourist hotspots, restaurants and transportation networks or infrastructure. Opportunistic criminals operate throughout the region especially in major cities including Cairo. Foreign visitors and expatriates have occasionally suffered armed robberies, muggings, car-jackings and kidnappings. Low level crime does exist in the form of pickpocketing, theft and harassment. Areas popular with expatriates and foreign visitors are vulnerable. Public transport is unsafe, and accidents occur frequently. Foreign nationals are vulnerable to attacks when traveling on trains, including muggings and assault. Females may also be at risk of inappropriate or unwanted behaviour when traveling in taxis.
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