We Are Voting With Every Dollar We Spend

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Date5/1/2021 2:10:05 PM
Think about it.
11 big corporations own all the shelf space in all the big stores. 6 big corporations own all the media. They all just made a killing while we bent the knee and closed-down.
They all work together.
Why don't we?
What if a bunch of us little guys/gals got together and stopped giving them our money and instead found better alternatives for what we already buy? Pretty simple, BUT would have a MAJOR IMPACT. It's time to make a SWITCH and starve the beast!
Join me and thousands of others in switching allegiance from the big guys to the business's that do it right. In less than 60 days, roughly 50k have already moved from these big stores to a family owned, patriot owned store that we teamed up with.
Check out what we are doing. Change starts with YOU!!
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