Automatic Sensor Taps/Faucets

Date4/30/2021 2:46:42 PM
Sensor Taps Reduces Carbon Footprint & saves a considerable amount of operational Costs as compared to Manual Taps. There are some uses and advantages of Sensor Taps.
• Designed and manufactured in India to automatically wash hands without the need to touch with the sensor taps.
• An essential & dependable component in every washroom to maintain proper hygiene.
• Simultaneously instrumental to help reduce water wastage.
• Prevents the spread of germs due to physical contact with the tap.
• Ensures no one leaves the tap running after use as water lows only for the duration when the hand is in front of the sensor.
• A tried and tested easily serviceable & lifetime repairable robust Indian answer to use & throw “locally branded imported models” marketed widely in India.
• A true Indian Product that Conforms to Green Building Standards.
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