HILO Smart Mirror - #1 Interactive Android LED Smart Mirror

Date5/16/2021 4:51:00 AM
Hilo Smart Mirror - Discover HILO XL & HILO Light. The Best Interactive Android-Based LED Smart Mirrors Made to Enhance your Fitness and Connected Lifestyle.Before the pandemic and the ensued lockdown, gym houses were many people’s favorite exercise avenue. However, it has been difficult for some people to keep up with their workout routine at home. Most often, they give the excuse that there is not enough room in their homes for exercising. Well, what if you can still workout without necessarily dedicating a whole room for a gym or rearranging to provide more space. That little garage, verandah, passage, or even in your bedroom can fit perfectly well for all your workout. If you want to know how you can use small spaces to work out, keep reading. Below are some of the best small space home gym ideas.HILO is a technology and design startup based in Montreal, Canada that specializes in smart mirrors.Inspired by consumers who connect technological innovations with today's lifestyle. The Hilo team went to great lengths to revolutionize the way we use a mirror, our goal was to produce two models that combine sleek design, ease of use, and cutting-edge technology.We have successfully completed our mandate, and we are proud to present Hilo Light and Hilo XL our flagship smart mirrors intended for North American consumers and businesses. Produced in limited series, they are available online and at our specialized retailers.
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