waterproofing systems

Date5/4/2021 10:28:51 AM
Waterproofing is the act of creating an impenetrable barrier on the surface of foundations, roofs, walls and other structural members. The function of the impenetrable barrier is to prevent the entry of water. They make the surface of the building water resistant and sometimes waterproof. Protexion offers the most advanced technology for the best waterproofing systems, which are flexible and fully adhere to the substrate, creating a homogeneous waterproofing layer, which fits perfectly on the inside of the roof.
Even under renovation starts with the preparation of a good waterproofing foundation that will have flooring. Therefore, it is necessary to use cement-based or bitumen-based waterproofing products and polymers, which are also adhesion pools when laying ceramic floors. For the protection of balconies and terrace surfaces, it is better to use waterproofing protective coatings such as Protexian, which acts as a real screen against atmospheric agents.In addition, they protect the surface from puncture and movement of objects.
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