Cedric Amani Flower Trading LLC

Date5/4/2021 11:25:26 AM
+971 58 938 8530+971 58 938 8530
+971 58 938 8530+971 58 938 8530
Cédric Amani Floral Art Consulting Ltd. brings the world of French Floral Art - starting in France to Mauritius, USA, Japan, Dubai, Maldives, Turkey, Macau & Hong Kong, Cedric’s impressive portfolio recently included the distinctive Burj Al-Arab Hotel, Mardan Palace in Turkey and more great properties around the world.

Unique, high quality designs, tailored to suit every type of event, wedding, boutique or office, the French designer enhances their surrounding giving a cosmopolitan feel with the passion of Paris in every arrangement.

With his keen attention to detail, Cédric Amani hand selects flowers used in arrangements, ensuring that their color, abundance and appeal will create the perfect result.
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