Foot Problem? Let the Best Podiatrists in Mandurah Diagnose

Are you suffering from continuous heel pain? Is there a fungal infection on your toenail? Visiting experienced and qualified podiatrists is your best bet for several reasons.

Peel Podiatry Clinic takes pride in having a team of the most accomplished podiatrists in Mandurah. We are well-versed with the best practices to assess and diagnose a wide range of foot problems like heel pain/spur, knee pain, leg length discrepancy, shin splints, sports injuries, flat foot, plantar warts/verrucae and more. Our podiatry treatment includes assessing your foot condition, making a diagnosis and treatment plan, carrying out tests and medical examinations, Swift wart removal therapy, custom foot orthotics and sports injury treatment, among others. Our podiatric treatment and solutions are highly effective, non-invasive and provide relief as fast as possible.
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