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Sankhyiki group of institue is one of the best insititue in India. We help individuals to develop their professional potential in the most engaging learning environment through our Face to Face and Direct to Home (DTH) video classes for courses Actuarial Science, IIT-JAM (Mathematics and Statistics), CSIR - NET/JRF (Mathematics and Statistics), GATE (Mathematics and Statistics) and Data Science (R and Python).
Also nowadays we are providing online clases or video classes for iit jam coaching for mathematic and chemistry, Actuarial science courses in videos, acet video course

Get online classes of IIT JAM Mathematics, Actuarial science courses in videos, We provide the best Actuarial science exam course of India with an affordable price rate. We have best Expertise in Different Coaching Programs like acet, online iit jam coaching, Mathematics, Statistics, physics. online actuarial science classes. contact us for courses details | Sankhyiki

We also have opened many institutes in many cities of India. Our contact information are given below:-
Satya Niketan Centre -New Delhi
(+91) 9911-380-002
North Campus Centre -New Delhi
(+91) 9711-180-002
Bengaluru -Karnataka
(+91) 9142-896-066
Mumbai Centre -Mumbai
(+91) 9711-150-002
Jaipur Centre -Jaipur
(+91) 9711-150-002
Kolkata Centre -Kolk3ata
(+91) 9711-150-002
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