Know the Right Pump Size with Our Pool Heat Calculator

Finding it hard to determine the right pool heat pump size for the pool at your residential and commercial facility? Know the correct size without the hassles of contacting a pool heat pump provider with our pool heater calculator. Madimack’s pool heat pump size calculator helps you with instant pool heating evaluations, all you have to do is simply fill the details and we will reach out to you shortly. Our pool heater calculator provides you with heater size requirements for all seasons in one evaluation.

Madimack brings you full-inverter pool technology heat pumps for a residential and commercial facility. Our heat pump units are designed using Australia’s climate conditions in mind and we have a diverse range of units to cater to the specific needs of your facility. So what are you waiting for, make sure that you are taking advantage of your pool all year-round with Madimack’s highly energy-efficient heat pump solutions.
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