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Date5/15/2021 6:41:57 PM
Since E.G Cosmetics Labs Ltd inception and experience of forty-one years, we are committed and dedicated to providing a comprehensive and qualitative creation of skincare products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and toiletries. We uphold our standards in the development, invention, and formulation of private label skincare as well as private label hair care products. We specialize in implementing the latest technology in skin and hair care manufacturing and successfully provide the highest grade of such products.

Philosophy- We started as a family-owned company with rigorous attitudes of perfection and inherited a leading global name in the manufacturing and supply of skincare products for private labelling and contract manufacturing. We maintain strict quality standards in conformance with the ISO 9000 Standard certification. State-of-the-art production with an in-house advanced laboratory makes us renowned and preferable as manufacturing partners in the field of private label personal care.

Services Offered- We perform end to end services for our clients which ranges from procurement of high-quality ingredients to product development and design. Our services also include adequate storage, private label packaging, filling, and subsequent excellence in organizing and allocating transportation to the desired destination. Our huge industry expertise in cosmetic private labeling ensures delivery of the best products at the most competitive pricing. The best in class facilities offered by us to support high demand aim at volume production as well as catering to varied markets and exports across the globe. We have a separate administrative division for international licensing and registration which uses a smart system to coordinate with the management at every stage from beginning till the end.

Being a reputed skincare manufacturer and driven by unrivaled dynamism we make sure that our skincare private label speaks superiority and effectiveness in all aspects. Our team of external quality controller inspectors examines every aspect and the final product is enwrapped in the best of private label packaging.

For more information about private label products visit our website or contact us at below address

E.G Cosmetics Labs Ltd
23 Adom St ,Kanot industrial area
Israel , 7982500
Call: +972722454340
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